ESL First Grade Five for Friday

Five for Friday 24.07.15 

Wow! It’s been a crazy return to teaching this week. I am linking up with the always awesome Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching today – head on over to linkup! 🙂

1. We have had a great and extremely busy start! It’s Friday and I am preparing my weekly lesson plans and schedule. To say that my mind is not with is an understatement lol.

The amount of work I lugged back this week is enormous! I know though that once the term is in full swing that we won’t feel these bumps anymore (*I hope*) =D

My face kinda looked like this all week long… (still does – and I’m at home!)

2. We enjoyed the break so much last week that we’re looking into booking a trip to New Zealand or Queensland at the end of the year! 🙂

Link is HERE.

3. I have prepared some interactive reading comprehension passages for printing (and boy was that a job) for my classes this year. I intend to use them during morning work and even with my adult ESL classes. They’ll be perfect for differentiation as I’ve got quite a mixed level in my class. 🙂

I plan on using some printed on card stock and have the students respond in their notebooks and some just placed in dry erase pockets and – I love that they’re color coded as I can use level 1 (green) and level 2 (blue) for example.

You can check out all the themes I have HERE.

4. We have finally installed our kitchen island (we have been saving and planning for this for two years LOL). Now, I can’t wait to work in the kitchen and I have cooked nearly everyday this week. The extra space really does help! Thanks to my dad who made it happen! 🙂

Here are some images!

5. Finally, I know that some of our friends in the U.S will be placing their back to school thinking caps on soon and I know how hard the first few weeks will be but remember it’ll get easier once the term sets in (what I’m telling myself anyway lol).

I’ll leave you with a little inspiration, until next time! 😉


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