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Five for Friday {22.10.15}


It’s that time of the week again! :)))

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the weekly Five for Friday post. 🙂

Here’s a run down of our week!

  1. I wasn’t able to post for the Five for Friday linkup last week as we were taking a last minute booked overnight stay at Ettalong. It was AMAZING! The hubby saw the place at and told me about it – booked it on the whim as we saw that the weather was in the high 30’s that day – which would be perfect for an overnight stay!

22262870755_58047eaa67_o 22237129946_79d90fc9aa_o 22076000729_0a5e9c5f6c_o

I normally don’t like traditional decor but this place was amazing. It’s called the Ettalong Tourist Beach Resort – it’s essentially an Italian design *we think* so all the more exciting! We also ate at a traditional Italian restaurant by the beach YUMMY! We already booked this place for boxing day so can’t wait!! 🙂

Here are some more pictures:

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2. At work, I’ve been drowning in paper work really – especially after calculating that we only have 6 weeks left other than this one! So we are trying to input results, complete assessments and pretty much drive our students crazy with testing (really hate term 4).

So once we got some assessments out of the way the last few weeks, here’s what we did:

22381144301_8caf011342_o 22344399996_9d0f7eee20_o

So we did some grammar practice with sentence editing strips. My students LOVE these. They worked on them for an hour and then asked for more! We were working on adjectives and describing houses. I have sentence editing strips for the present tense and the FREE set of present continuous. You could either print, laminate and get the students to write on them with a dry erase marker and they rub the answer out before handing it to their partner, or you could print them out on the B&W version and have the students copy the sentences in their books and correct the errors. 🙂

3. With my higher ESL group we did some nonfiction reading comprehension passages. These passages were the Spiders, Bats and Pumpkins nonfiction passages. They are differentiated so I could use them with my lower ESL learners as well as my advanced ones! 🙂


4. During my tutoring sessions, we also did the spider spinners with CVC words. They LOVED this activity! You can grab a couple of mats for free in this blog post HERE.


5. So, since I’m a complete Christmas fanatic and I just LOVE Christmas – I have already started planning for it lol. Oh, so early but exciting! I have plans for some more CHristmasy-items for the home and a list of possible gifts!

Of course – Pinterest doesn’t help our addictions much at all! 😛

I really LOVE the “Believe” sign here and the way it’s placed – might try something like this this year! Also a fan of white and silver lights. 🙂 The pin link is HERE.

DIY Creative Christmas Lights! • Great Ideas and Tutorials! Including, from 'old city hall shops', this idea using tree branches wrapped with lights.:



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