Five for Friday 22.05.15


I am linking up with Kacey over at Doodle Bugs Teaching today. We have been SO busy this week with preparations for end of term. I was feeling a little under the weather too (which didn’t make things any easier) boo.

Anyway here’s a rundown on my week. 🙂

This week, we finished our sun room (built our full-length glass windows). We still have a fair bit to go – but it’s nearly completed! 🙂

We have quite a few house updates to do in the coming month – which I hope to also finish!
Sorry no photos for this post, but the finished one is coming soon! 😉

A team of TPT tutors got together last week and we blogged about some amazing new resources you could use in the classroom.

Selma Dewani chose my Social Skills Activity Pack and reviewed it and I’m sooo happy she loved it! You could see the review HERE. I reviewed her interactive math activities pack (year round) SOO much in that pack and I love it – will be using it year round. My review is HERE.

I know that it’s the end of year all over the world. We are just ending term 2 in Australia. We have about four weeks to go but it feels like eternity lol. Here’s a meme that I’m sure you all can relate to – and help keep you motivated! 🙂
This week, we worked on word families with one of my students. I am in the process of finishing this pack and will be uploading it soon on TPT. I just need to see if it is perfect enough for that and whether it works well with my ESL students. I needed to make one simple enough for working independently as well as visually appealing.

The students can either complete it on paper and make booklets out of it, or they can cut the houses out and glue them into their notebooks (and color away!).

Here’s a picture of one in progress:

If you’re looking for something to give to your students at the end of the year, I have a simple freebie in my store to just print, staple and hand out. I am currently working on summer grammar and math skills printable pack to hand out in our summer (I used half of it this summer during ours) but I am just adding a few pages and perfecting it before uploading it – will be blogging about it soon too.

The skills involved will cover a range of language skills learned in first grade. THey are especially beneficial for ESL students – I have an autumn and a winter set although needing spring and summer. 🙂

Here is the freebie, just click on the picture to take you to the store. 🙂

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