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Five for Friday {2.10.15}


I am so excited about this FIVE FOR FRIDAY post! If you’ve noticed – the Sea of Knowledge has a completely new look. All thanks to Becca from Jumping Jax Designs. She has been incredibly patient and creative! I have no knowledge when it comes to anything computer related (I just do what I can / know haha) – and have sent her so many annoying emails throughout the process haha! Her work is amazing. If you have been thinking about re-designing your blog/website – I recommend her completely!


Last week we went to Thredbo (the mountains) in Australia. It was clear as day and sunny! Honestly an awesome village – except there was no snow! Only a slide which turned into a nice and safe place for kids to play. So that’s where my husband and I hung out haha. We only went there over the weekend, so on Tuesday morning –

I woke up to my sister’s group pictures of this:


When we were there, it looked like this:


For three whole days! I’m all for the sun and all… But not on a snow adventure! 😉

Anyway, here are some pics of the event:




The first week of our school holidays was incredibly depressing with temperatures that dropped to 3 degrees – yes we got some of that icy cold weather headed our way from the snow lol. This week however started off really nicely! We are getting some awesome heat on the long weekend before we return so looking forward to that!

I am rather worried about the start of term 4. Will look slightly like this:

When teacher says he's gonna erase the blackboard:


So this week I’ve posted some new activities on TPT to work with my ESL students.

I will be using some sentence editing activities with my ESL students. These packets focus on the Fry list. I will also be using dry erase pockets with some sheets in small group tutoring. 🙂

I also made these shape activity mats to help kids understand and ‘interact’ with the worksheets!

These are so much fun to use with play doh. You could even use dry erase markers for coloring in. 🙂


Underneath we worked on some spelling words from Spelling & Writing Activities. I also used a dry erase marker for these pages – I love those pockets and will be buying some more!! 🙂



I cannot believe that Christmas decorations are already out!! They’ve been out since July here in Australia – honestly that is the earliest they have been out! I am making note of it and starting to make my Christmas list from now.

Although…. I know I will end up doing last minute Christmas shopping haha… (inevitable right?!)

Last minute Christmas shopping...:


Finally, I found this awesome pin link for organizing books which I will have to share with you all and will refer to it and hopefully use it as a guide!! Pink link for later is HERE.

Classroom Tour 2014-2015 - I like the black paper and pops of color from the borders.:

Thank you for stopping by! 😉


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