Five for Friday

Five for Friday {14.08.15}

It’s time for the weekly link up with Doodle Bugs this week! 🙂

This week was great in so many ways!

1. My first cousin will be getting married this week (tomorrow) and I’m so excited! We have been so close ever since we were kids! Will be sharing lots and lots of pics over the next Five for Friday! :)))

2. If you missed it, I finally posted my Sight Word Tab Readers and you can grab 3 booklets for FREE if you click on any of the following pictures! 🙂

3. I am excited that I upgraded to the iPhone plus this week, I am loving the screen size. I’m short sighted so the big screen just does wonders for me haha. Anyone else? 😉

I loved that I could just import everything and not lose all my info once I backed it up! Yay!

4. My ESL students were loving the new adverb flashcards I’ve been using with them to help them understand their use in sentences as well as improve their grammar all at the same time. These flash cards can be used easily since they have picture prompts on them! 🙂

We are also working on SMS language with some ESL students so I made this interactive paragraph pack which they also had to correct the paragraph by placing the strips in order. So fun!

5. I am seriously looking forward to spring MORE THAN EVER. We had another cold front come in just yesterday and it’s been snowing in Katoomba (as suburb so close to here).

Even though it doesn’t snow here, this is how I feel every morning (usually dragging myself out of bed in the cold):

Until next week! 😉


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