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Five for Friday {06.11.15}


  1. This week I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching! We worked on some spelling activities. My ESL student love these activities. He especially loved the color by spelling word mystery pictures. I’ve also updated the spelling bundle for first grade and added 6 lessons to it making it a whopping 800+ pages of activities! There are about 11 more lessons to complete the 30 lessons – so it’ll be massive once it’s done! 🙂


We also did some practice on building sentences. He cut these out and glued them in order to make a sentence. He is in first grade but at kindergarten level – so it was also good practice to see if he understood the sentences by drawing a picture to illustrate it too. 🙂


2. I worked with my ESL class on some leveled reading comprehension task cards. This set is from the pumpkins and spiders reading comprehension set. I actually wanted to use the spider texts! 🙂


3. So we are officially in the last stretch before our Christmas break – so this is kind of my face every day of the week lately: (meme from Spanish plans)

Totally using these for the first day of school next year:

“no, we are NOT doing anything fun…Only if you consider assessments FUN.”

And grading papers…


4. This week I blogged about some exciting activities and strategies to teach spelling. You can check it out HERE and download some freebies. 🙂


5. I have a pile of laminating to get to – so for motivation (even though I actually like laminating but not really when i have to input assessment results on a computer). Here’s a Ryan Gosling meme to keep us all motivated! 😉 Pin Link Here.

laughed way too hard preparing for lamination, Hey Girl:

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