Five For Fri-Yay!

1. New Website: Hello teacher buddies! I know, I know… You’re probably wondering what happened to the other blog?! (believe me, for a while there I was too lol) In short – I had to open up a seperate website to include all my details for tutoring and ESL and in that process the blog needed to go with it otherwise it’ll just be a lot of websites to maintain sigh!… Enough of that rambling…

2. Onto the good stuff! I’m participating in this linky party this week with the lovely Doodle Bugs Teaching! I’m so lucky to be a part of such a wonderful teacher community. I’ve also decided to join Mel’s (From the Pond) randomness and do a Fri-yay celebration!! Love Mel’s ideas! I love randomness too. 😉

3. Freebie Fun: Today, I’d like to offer a freebie from a massive pack (it was a labor of love this one and once I’m done I’ll be sure to celebrate hehe). I’ve recently come across a few students who are in dire need of spelling help. I was stumped at first and I didn’t want to use the old methods of just copying, I do believe in practice though. I wanted to use a more engaging way to appeal to visual learners. In a way, they will be able to picture the word after playing around with some of the letters and sounds during practice.

Click on any picture below to get the freebie pages from the pack. 🙂
We started with a list of words, as we practiced the intonation, sounds, and syllables of each word, I guided them through tracing over the list of words:

This gave them plenty of exposure and practice. They also loved the fact that there were guides there for tracing. A student I have has tremendous difficulties with his handwriting – I’m still trying to think of a way to help him remedy this!

Next, I handed out this recording sheet and had the students try to write the words by listening to the sounds. One of the students in the group is an ESL beginner, so it was difficult to have them all go at the same pace. Eventually, they managed to sound out the letters as they wrote them. I was so happy to see some progress! Check it out below:

Next, I wanted to reinforce the vowel and consonant sounds (this was especially essential for the ESL student). So I brought out some daubers for some color fun. I told them to dab the letter with the letter sound ‘a’.
This, of course looks more visible if you get the students to trace over the letters rather then use the dauber, but I needed something to grab their attention again as they were getting quite restless after the writing task. I then instructed them to color the sounds ‘n’, ‘b’, ‘d’ and so on! They were excited to color the letters:
I have finished packs 1-6 in this series and I plan on continuing them all. The tasks vary and change as the units go by. 🙂
4. For Some Giggles: So since we’ve started spring in Australia I’ve been so keen to do some spring cleaning. So many jeans that I don’t wear anymore and they’re just sitting there! I found this funny and true (PS: I haven’t reached the mommy stage yet but according to this pic – I’m scared lol!).
5. I have no pic for this. Finally, this goes out to all our U.S friends. I have a few relatives in the U.S and this year I watched a documentary on the 9/11 incidents and I still remember that day in my mind. You are all trully remarkable. Sending thoughts and support your way on this day every year.

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