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Counting Sheep Activity + Five for Friday 02.09.16


Hi all! This week our weather has been in a yo=yo of emotions. Rain one day and sunny the next – sometimes all in one day. One day, we had a top of 21 degrees and a low of 6 degrees (all in the one day). I have to admit though, I’m loving the start of spring even though my hay fever symptoms have begun to show up – it’s a price I’m willing to pay. 😉

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching today for Five for Friday!

  1. Are you looking for a simple counting activity to use in centers or in groups? I’ve created this fun sheep counting activity with ‘sleepers’. Check out the POST HERE to download it if you’ve subscribed. 🙂


2. So I’ve spent quite a bit on teaching supplies this past week that I honestly should be banned from Target, Kmart and Office-works for depleting their whiteboard markers. <– Markers by the way are a very RARE find at our college.

Teachers need a break on the cost of school supplies! Great post about how much schools supplies you will need for your classroom!:

3. I have posted these fun apple letter dabber activity pages if you’re looking for some new alphabet practice for your students! Check them out HERE.




4. So spring is finally here! I’m over the moon and I thought I’d share this meme, because that’s been pretty much me sneezing in between the cloud 9 happiness lol.

lol, lmao, spring, allergies

5. So, I’m working on a fun fairy-tale themed count and clip activity which will be posted soon on the blog! I love those count and clip cards. Look out for it in the next week. 🙂





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  • Love the counting sheep activity. I will add that to my Nursery Rhymes with sheep.
    I am intrigued by the lego blocks. How are these used? Count the nubs? Find the one with 4? 10? or used as counters 1 block, 2 blocks?

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