Cookin’ Up Vocabulary Words – Fall Edition Freebie

During our Australian autumn/fall, I created a new game to help reinforce new vocabulary words, I needed the game to be versatile so that students with different needs would be able to benefit from it. So, I’m offering a bite of it for free on the blog!

It comes in a set of 20 words with two different mats which include ten words on each. The instructions for the games are included in the freebie. Click on any picture to get it!

Students take a look at the mat with the words on it and try to match the pictures with the words on the mat. Alternatively, you could use the empty mat with no words and have the students match the words and pictures in each empty circle. Those cirlces are called ‘plates’ as the title of the pack is called ‘cookin’ up vocabulary words’ and it will come with a recording sheet!


You could even play a game of snap with the cards. Get the students to match up the word cards with the picture cards in pairs and once they find the match of each pair they yello ‘snap’ and take the cards. They continue this until all cards are taken. The winner is the person who has the biggest number of cards!

The full version includes 20 vocabulary words and more options for printing, black and white, etc. If you’d like to check that out, click ont he picture below. 🙂

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