Comparing Numbers – Hot Cocoa Mat Freebie

I love finding new ways to help students visualize numbers and math concepts. It isn’t always easy, as mathamatical concepts are based on common sense and problem solving skills. So, finding ways to get students using manipulatives would essentially help them in linking the concepts together.

Counting & Comparing Numbers Mat

This can be used in so many ways, you need:

* Unifix / Counting Blocks / Buttons / Cotton Balls (to make them look like marshmellows).
* Laminating Pouch / Dry Erase Pocket.
* Some Dice.
* Dry Erase Markers if you will use these to write numbers on the mat too.


The students can play in pairs or in groups. At each turn, the student rolls the die twice and attempt to place cotton balls or counting cubes on the first mug on the left, then rolls the die again to find the number to place on the mug on the right. They then compare the numbers, you can use the comparison symbols available in the download.

Download your free file below.

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Click HERE to download the free file.


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