ESL First Grade Five for Friday Literacy

Asking & Telling Sentences + Five for Friday! 18.03.16



My oh my! How this week has flown by! Can you believe that it is already Easter next week!! I am sharing my weekly happenings today with Doodle Bugs Teaching. 😉

I’m not ready…

I got to say! Things are moving way too fast this year – but at least our school break is coming up soon. 🙂

  1. It has been incredibly warm during March in Australia (far more than normal) and we’ve finally seen a cool freeze come through this week! So we’re very excited for many pumpkin soup & hot chocolates to come! 🙂


2. This week, my ESL students worked on paragraph jumbles with prepositional phrases. They love these activities! We also worked on speaking using talking picture cards!



3. I love this idea for sight words! I will be looking into making it next week. 🙂 Photo credit Conversations in Literacy. Pin link HERE.

Make It, Play It, Learn It Sight Word Fun- easy prep sight word activities!:

4. This week we worked on sorting between telling, asking, commanding and exclaiming sentences. I used my Monkey Sentences activity pack – my students loved these activities.




We sorted the sentences under the correct headings. 🙂



Below, I handed out a cut and paste worksheet after we worked on sorting sentences under the correct headings. Students loved to read, cut and paste these. Some of them cut and paste them into their notebooks.


5. Finally, I am looking into some stationary for the learning center and I am contemplating Amazon or Target at the moment lol. I guess that’s a good problem to have. The only thing stopping me from Amazon is the shipping rate to Australia Gah! Anyho… Look out for the updated Newsletter coming soon to all subscribers so if you haven’t subscribed yet – go ahead and do so to receive them! Until next time! 😉


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